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Taken together, this is more than just a membership site… It’s a virtual Delta Force Training Course in Internet marketing!

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IVC Member Testimonial:

“Start To Learn And Get Up To Speed…”

I think what Hans has done with this site is amazing. A person with no Internet experience can come to this site and start to learn and get up to speed very quickly.





David Snape


IVC Member Testimonial:

“An Amazing Gift…”

I came to the web publishing world with a background writing for print publications.
I understood content creation, but had a lot to learn about building and marketing a website.

Considering that there are millions of blogs on the Internet, I knew I needed to do my homework if I wanted to build a readership.

Instant Video Coaching has been an amazing gift.

The WordPress tutorials made it simple to create my site. Any time I have a question,
I log into IVC to find the answer. It’s always there. Now that my site is up and running — and growing a substantial subscriber base — I’m excited to explore the many videos about monetization.

I originally thought I would need to hire consultants to help get my site off the ground, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m thrilled to have found a one-stop shop for all my web development needs.

Thank you, Hans, for making it so simple to create, market, and monetize a website!





Lori Deschene

Founder of


IVC Member Testimonial:

“You Will Be Amazed…”

Let me tell you this, if you are reading through my testimonial now, I have just one thing to say: This website is wonderful and there is a LOT to learn!

Hours and hours of video tutorials about AdWords, FTP Mastery, eBay, How to design a minisite using Frontpage, and other cool videos. Not this only, but you will find a huge library of ebooks that you can choose what you need from.

Guys, this is awesome! I highly recommend that you take the chance NOW and sign up for an IVC membership. I am telling you: You will be amazed on how much material that you will find here!

Thank you Hans for this wonderful opportunity! :-)






Husam Salim
Poznan, Poland


IVC Member Testimonial:

“Truly Priceless…”

As a new Internet entrepreneur, entering the digital marketplace was extremely intimidating. I knew what I wanted to do and what I was passionate about, and I knew I had to monetize in several different ways.

As a business woman I never put all my eggs in one basket. Going from successful offline entrepreneur to achieving success as an online entrepreneur is a journey that is not for the faint of heart.

It’s like moving to another planet where every single aspect of life is foreign – yet to survive you MUST learn the protocol and the cultures – if you want to stay alive – and this is a daunting task!

That is why I am so grateful for Instant Video Coaching. I was able to select exactly what I needed to learn from a myriad of learning materials.

I’m still working my way through these amazing learning tools and they are truly priceless.

Knowledge is power and (especially as a woman) you can’t put a price tag on that!

Thank you Hans!







Sheri Jo Bentschner