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– What Does Having “Rights” Mean?

Many ebooks, software and digital products, especially in the field of online or internet marketing, are sold with varying forms of rights included. When you get a product on the internet, whether you buy it or someone gave it to you for free, it will come with a disclaimer with specific rights that limit your ability to use, edit and distribute it.

Most rights packages will not let you alter any of its content or in any way change/tamper with the information, while other rights packages will let you do almost what ever you want with it. It is therefore necessary and very important, to distinguish between the different forms of rights. Always read the disclaimers surrounding the product carefully!

If you’re not familiar with the different forms of rights, then you need to read this:

– Giveaway Rights (GR)
Products with giveaway rights can be distributed freely.

Whenever you have a product (ebook, software, etc.) with giveaway rights, you can give it to anybody, for free. You can put a download link from your website, use it as an incentive to get signups for your newsletter, distribute it to your customers, subscriber list or via email.


– Personal Use Only (PUO)
Products that comes with these rights, means that you are the only one person that can use or read the product. You may not redistribute the product in any way, form or media.

You might be allowed to create a backup copy of your product for your future needs. But that’s just about it, you can not do much else with this product.


– Resell / Resale Rights (RR)
Normal resell / resale rights mean that after you buy the item you will be allowed to sell it to your customers. There may be limitations, such as that you can only sell the product for a specific price.

When a product comes with resell / resale rights it means that you can sell the product to just about anyone and keep 100% of the profit. The product you sell though should only include the PUO (Personal Use Only) right, in other words, you can NOT give away the resell / resale rights when you sell this type of product.


– Master Resell / Resale Rights (MRR)
When you acquire master resell / resale rights, you sell the product/service to your customers, and you may also grant your customers the right to sell it. This means that someone who purchase the product from you, also can sell the product and keep 100% of the profits.

You can also pass the master resell / resale rights to your customers, if you are in possession of transferable master resell / resale Rights. This allows your customers to also sell the product with master resell / resale rights.

Even if you have the master resale rights for a product, you will need to see if there are any other restriction to the product. Some products with master resale rights can e.g. not be given away, can not be put in paid membership sites, or sold in auction sites.


– Private Label Rights (PLR)
This is by all means the highest rights there is. With this right you can almost do anything you want to with the product. I said almost, because most of the private label rights products can not be given away for free.

Private label rights vary, with licenses offering full authorship while others limit distribution, and restrict what can be done with the content (restricted private label rights versus unrestricted private label rights).

With private label (resell / resale) rights, you may not only resell the product but you may also edit the content or product and claim it as your own work (Meaning; You become its author!). You can also combine it with other products, break it down to smaller parts, use it as your website content, edit the sales letter, put on new images, etc etc..

Most private label rights products are non transferable, meaning you can’t give the private label rights to your buyer. Again: Always read the disclaimer surrounding the product carefully!


Branding / ReBranding Rights (BR)
Branding rights means that you can alter the product with your personal data, you can put your name on the product as if you are the one created it, or you can put your affiliate link in it.

Some products with branding rights also came with a rebranding software so you can easily change the information to your own data.

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