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Excel 102

Excel 102

Product Information
This serie talks - step-by-step - through some of the more advanced features of Excel.

Including: How to format spreadsheets so they look fantastic, how to 'lock' certain values into formulas, how to use the IF function, the chart wizard (complicated usually, but this video makes the process easy to follow), the function wizard, how to sort data any way you like, and much more.

There's 7 videos in this serie.
Transcripts in both Word- and PDF-format is included.

Please note that these videos are in .EXE format!

One big positive of these .EXE style videos is that they have a built in player and so make it very easy for the end user. You simply need to double click the file you wish to see and the video opens up in it's own easy to use viewer.

And since these .EXE files are effectively .AVI files with just a built in player, the audio and video quality is very high. Simply download, unzip and double-click on the video you want to see, and it will start to play immediately!

Price: $27.00

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